Disco with ABBA

Friday, May 29, 2009

abba cake
An ABBA cake was called for to celebrate a 40th birthday party with a 70s twist.

I looked to wallpaper for inspiration and colour, and voila! One seventies cake. The 40 shaped with the zero as record was a special request by the lady who commisioned the cake.

Construction wise, it was a two tier cake topped with a ball shaped cake made from two "mixing-bowl" cakes, flat sides together. The cake was covered in plastic icing (also known as RTR / ready to roll icing), and the models made from modelling paste. Because I had to manipulate them a lot and modelling paste tends to dry too quickly, I usually cut the modelling paste with about 20% RTR icing. It takes longer to dry, but I can get better workability from it. The tiles on the disco ball were dusted with shimmer dust and I'd actually found the funky blue edible glitter at The Essential Ingredient store and I just had to try it out.(It's sprinkled around the characters feet, a bit hard to see in the pic).

Oodles of Noodles

Monday, May 18, 2009

noodle cake

This one was requested for someone who was leaving on a trip to China shortly after. It was pretty straightforward to make. A square cake for the base and all the components were made out of plastic icing including the fortune cookie. The two noodle bowls were cupcakes covered in icing. As an extra touch, the piece of paper in the cookie had a message too, can't quite remember what it said, but something about a long trip is on the horizon. And in Chinese culture, noodles symbolize long-life.

Ghostbusters meets the breakfast club

ghostbusters cake

This was made for an 80's themed joint birthday party. Birthday boy was dressing up as Venkman from the Ghostbusters, and birthday girl was Claire from The Breakfast Club. Sooo...the result was quite literal. Claire and Venkman and the Marshmallow Man. I would have loved to be able to style the building to look exactly like the one in the movie, but it would have taken forever and I didn't have the time. Ah well, one day, I'll have to try it again.

Rainbow pony cake

Friday, May 8, 2009

little pony cake

A happy colourful cake for a happy colourful girl with a passion for ponies (especially My Little Pony). The cake base was a basic two tiered affair decorated with rainbow spots and stripes. A round cake cut in half and sandwiched together was used for the rainbow on top of the cake. The butterflies and rainbow pony (i think its name is Rainbow Dash) were made out of modelling icing. I cut the butterfly shapes out with a cookie cutter then dried them over a rolling pin lined with baking paper to get the curve of the wings. The patterns were then piped on with royal icing, as were the pony's mane and tail. Oh yes, there were butterflies because it was a butterfly themed party.

The Chook

chicken cake

This chicken cake was, well, a chicken cake. Not too fancy, just a simple interpretation of a chook. I used a round cake and a mounded cake baked in a mixing bowl for the body, and a couple of cupcakes for the head. Everything else was moulded out of plastic icing. It was a lemon cake with lemon buttercream.

Fairy Castle Cake

fairy castle cake

Being surrounded by little girls, it was inevitable that I would one day get to make a fairy castle cake. And of course, I went overboard! Sugar fairies? Yes. Pink icing? Yes. Sprinkles? Yes. Sparkly, glittery sprinkles? *squeal* Yes please!

The cake itself was simply a few tiers, with steps carved out of the second tier.

The turret design idea I found elsewhere on the web, and consisted of two ice cream cones (the flat bottomed, cup shaped ones) end on end for the base, dipped in white chocolate. The spires were also ice cream cones (the pointy variety), dipped in white chocolate then sparkly sprinkles, or hundreds and thousands.And of course, a fairy castle cake has to have fairies. I found these ready made in the supermarket cake aisle.

The hardest part of this cake? The transport! I was afraid the whole thing would tip over before we arrived at the birthday venue, but luckily it held and lots of excited fairies got to eat cake.