A magical top hat

Monday, April 20, 2009

I pulled this one out of the hat (boom-tish) for a magical themed birthday party. Pretty simple construction-wise, just four layers of 20cm round cakes held together with buttercream and drinking straws. Then a decorated cake board, with a rabbit made from cupcakes, placed on top of the layers. This was very handy when it came time to cut the cake, the birthday boy's mum just lifted the board off. However, I did hear she couldn't quite bear to throw this layer away and it sat in her laundry for a few weeks. Not sure whether it's still there now....I hope not!

magic top hat cake

Everybody go surfing!

hula surfing cake
This cake was made for a Hula themed birthday party. As you can tell, I had an absolute blast making this one. The cake itself was a very simple two-tiered affair. I covered each layer with plastic icing and popped three wave shaped pieces of cake around the sides (they were carved free hand). The people, flowers and the tree were made from modelling paste, and the fish was a lucky find in the lolly aisle! I debated between using biscuit crumbs or maybe brown sugar for the "sand", but in the end I coloured some caster sugar to get the right mix of shades that I wanted.